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White sugar

The company produces white sugar the second, third and fourth categories accordancewith the requirements of DSTU 4623: 2006.

Beet molasses

Beet molasses is sugar beet production by-product. The quality characteristics meet the requirements of DSTU 3696-98 beet molasses.

Fresh and sour beet pulp

Beet pulp – a byproduct of sugar beet production. Pulp quality meets all the requirements of TU U15.8-24741681-700-2003 beet pulp fresh and sour. Specifications: beet pulp is sugar free beet cossettes, which are obtained by processing sugar beet into sugar and used to feed farm livestock.

About us

The company is one of the leaders in the sugar industry in Ukraine. Products of LLC «TH «Shepetivsky Sugar» meet all national and international quality requirements. High results are reached thanks to the skilled team, high-level professionals who are always willing to improve the processes of quality management and production technology. The company possesses significant technical potential, acquired and maintained production experience. Sugar Mill has fruitful partner relationship with many enterprises in Ukraine and abroad, we are interested in new business contacts, our aim is to build friendship on the principles of partnership and mutual understanding with equal interest for all parties.

White sugar
Beet molasses
Beet pulp
White sugar packed
Product quality
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ТОВ "Науково-виробнича фірма "Сведа-ЛТД"
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+38 (03840) 4 - 10 - 44

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st. Starokonstantinovsky Highway 31 m. Shepetivka, Ukraine, 30403

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