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The book “Whispers in the past history of the region”


Every aboriginal interested in the history of the city, one finds a duty to know the details, such as the older generation passes younger. inherited knowledge and persistently asked not to forget to tell children the history of the land, proud of their origins and to remember their homeland. After all, “… a child open the mainland, which shall be called then – Homeland” (L. Kostenko).

Time passes, and stories are forgotten, and forgotten history. Yes, today is not very popular manuscript or a chronicle immortalized in the pages of books. But everyone has a moment when the day comes and the understanding that you need to know, to feel, to see the history of their small homeland or plot of land, which took in his arms once occasional guests or temporary visitors. Open sheets and be written in the past, live episodes fate of many prominent figures and ordinary peasants who know them may see the characters in their roots, to see how changed is the street on which to walk, buildings that still remember the past and breathe modernity. Somewhere born a new life, and now, recently, land and orchards were different everywhere abounded greens were mighty oaks, streams They said therefore here and now are seen cozy houses, giants – flats, rivers and fields – sort of changed the landscape …

But despite everything, the city remains mysterious for some, for others – a native heart and soul and the land where born or settled later hospitable host acquainted with its uniqueness and giving special story …

We will be glad to give opportunity to learn something new and interesting, inspiring and useful for all readers, because those who take up a book, most importantly, gain knowledge for themselves,

Paint colors statistics and chronological events and get unforgettable emotions.

To create a book inspired a remarkable date – the 170th anniversary Shepetivka sugar mill. This event is a testament to years of work, titanic efforts of past generations and love affairs and his land.

Thank you for the creative team participated in writing the book, collecting the material and its publication, namely employees and the Director of the State Archives of Khmelnytsky region Baydychu W. G .; Assistant authored by Kosovska A. M.

Special thanks to the author-compiler – the candidate of historical sciences Marchuk V. S. for studies and work done.

To pay tribute to the past, the inheritance that we have today – it is the duty of memory, honor and thank described in the book.

General Director
LLC “TD “Shepetivka sugar”
Mykola Agarkov

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