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History of company

History of this famous company started in 19th century.

In 1843, Prince Sanhushko started building a sugar refinery, which already made its first products in 1846. In the early years of operating the factory was producing 50 thousand tons of sugar products with “firing method.”

Technical means of production were primitive, mainly manual labor dominated. Few mechanisms were brought into work by means of horse power, working day at sugar refinery lasted 13-14 hours.

In 1859 the town Shepetivka with its sugar mill became the property of Count A. Pototskoho. The plant underwent a number of technical changes: steam engine of 18 horsepower was installed; a sink with a drum, railway line was also put into operation.

In 1980s the construction of refinery began. Both factories employed around 1,000 people. The products included: more than 80 thousand tons of sugar, and refined sugar – 230 thousand tons. The amount of gross production was 1 million rubles.

Yet, the plants burned down under mysterious circumstances in 1900. The fire killed two workers; inflicted losses were worth 1.5 million rubles.

Having got considerable monetary compensation, Count Potocki built a new brick building factories at the same place and invited skilled workers from the central regions of Russia, from Warsaw (about 1000 ppl) to take part in the reconstruction.

In pre-war years the granulated sugar factory produced sugar by 3.4 million rubles, and refinery – 13.2 million rubles, The factories employed 255 and 790 people accordingly.

During World War II, the factories were almost destroyed. The sand factory was rebuild a year after the war had ended, the refinery – only in 1951. The mill underwent some technical modernization: there were about 80 units of equipment re-equipped, costing more than 900 thousand rubles. And if in 1952 the refinery produced only one type of product, in 1965 six products were launched, meeting great demand among the population, which were shipped almost to all republics of the Soviet Union.

State Program of Shepetivka Sugar Mill Development included works on complex reconstruction of granulated sugar factory, aimed at bringing its capacity up to 3 tons of sugar beet processing a day. According to the plan of reconstruction in 1975, the sugar beet processing shop was put into operation, in 1978 the reconstruction of juice purification house was completed, whereas the obsolete equipment was also replaced in other sections of production.

In 1983 reconstruction of products shop was completed (the cost of these works was more than 1 million krb). By the end of 80-ies granulated sugar plant capacity was 2.2 thousand tons of raw materials per day.

In 1987 the construction of a new building at the refinery started with the installation of automatic line 3-DM (3 ДМ) by French company “Chambon”. This work was completed in May 1988, the estimated cost – 7.4 million krb. productiveness of this line was 100 tons of refined sugar, packaged in boxes of 1 kg.

Due to the production of large quantities of sugar and refined sugar, Shepetivsky Sugar Mill, was recognized among the most profitable enterprises in the sugar industry until 1996. The crisis that has engulfed most of the sugar refineries of Ukraine didn’t omit Shepetivsky Mill too. Decreased procurement of raw materials, production time and as a result, significantly reduced the technical and economic plant performance. Lack in raw materials lasted over 6 years. To overcome crisis in 2001, the shareholders of the plant decided to sell the shares of “Shepetivsky Sugar Mill” to JSC “Brokbusinessbank”.

The bank provided first financial loan of 14 million hrn., that helped improve the financial condition of the mill. With funds received, the mill began to pay off existing debts. The agricultural sector was selected as one of the priorities of the mill development. In 2004, eight farms were merged and 2180 hectares were planted with sugar beet. Close collaboration with producers gave good results.

While in previous years the average yield of farms was 100-120 kg / ha of sugar beet, and on leased lands in 2004 it was 315 kg / ha in 2006 400-450 kg / ha in 2010. 500-550 kg / ha. In 2007 sugar beet was grown on an area of 3600 hectares, in 2010 – sugar beets were planted on 5014.3 hectares. Increased volumes of harvesting and processing of sugar beets from 74.4 thousand tons in 2002. to 222.1 thousand tons in 2010. Sugar production increased from 7.9 tons in 2002 to 26.9 tons in 2010.

Due to rationally used investments, the well-organized work of technology and engineering service teams, the equipment is provided with all the scheduled maintenance and repair works from year to year.

In particular, the MZHV – МЖВ (ukr.) filter has been installed, the major repairment of diffusion device has been done, modern sulfitatory has been set up, a new pulp press office with the presses of deep streak has been built and put into operation, new beet washing section has been installed, reconstruction and modernization of thermal and vacuum – condensate mill schemes has been finished, filters КФ- 1000 (ukr.) (4pcs.), new modern drying section have been put into operation, not to mention the continuous upgrade of products department with the installation of modern centrifuges massecuite of the I and the III products.

Technological schemes are being improved, the complete automation and computerization of production procceses has been made. These are now operating as a computer center, where new energy-saving technologies are used. Duration of juice extraction has increased from 30.8 days in 2002 to 75.73 days in 2010. Wage rate has also increased significantly, with no depts on wages and payments to the state budget. The enterprise provides jobs for more than 700 citizens of Ukraine.

Joint Stock Company “Shepetivsky Sugar Mill” was awarded a diploma and a commemorative medal “Leader of food and processing industry of Ukraine”, Diploma of Ukrainian product quality contest “100 best goods of Ukraine – 2005”, “100 best goods of Ukraine – 2008” in the nomination “Groceries “. In 2006 for significant achievements in the field of agricultural processing team of the sugar mill was put on the regional Board of Fame “The best people of Khmelnytsky region”. In 2008, the team was awarded by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a Certificate of honor, in 2009 International economic rating awarded company and its Head of Board with tha medal and Certificate «Star of Ukraine’s economy.”

Sugar Mill leaders according to years of work:

Lyferov D.A. (1944 – 1947)

Zaika M.A. (1947 – 1954)

Fridman N.N. (1954 – 1955)

Saenko I. (1955 – 1958)

Lovanov I.(1958 – 1959)

Pasichnyk V.P. (1959 – 1966 )

Moryina M.I. (1966 – 1975)

Pechersky V.I. (1975 – 1981)

Matviychuk A.I. (1983 – 2003)

Agarkov M.M. (From 2003 and the present)

In 2016 on the occasion of the 170th anniversary Shepetivka sugar mill was written book “Whispers in the past history of the region”, which incorporated all points of dates and events Shepetivsky land and history of the formation of the sugar mill.