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Opening updated third room post office


2nd November 2016 in the territory Shepetivka sugar mill opening ceremony of the renovated premises Shepetivsky post office №3.
This joyful and important event, which was attended by postmen and personally congratulated senior city. Khmelnytsky and the city. Shepetivka, Khmelnytsky Directorate Director UDPPZ “Ukrposhta” Havronyuk Oleg, Director Khmelnytsky Oblast of Khmelnitsky Union of Communication Directorate UDPPZ “Ukrposhta” Boyko Dmitry,Head Shepetivsky postal center №3 Dihtyaruk Alexander L., chairman of the district council Shepetovskoy Dzyavoruk Peter Frantsevych, manager of the executive committee of the city Council Shepetovskoy Rachuk Vasily and General Director of “TD” Shepetivka sugar “Agarkov Nikolai.


In an updated room long awaited not only address employees, but also customers, because timely, complete customer satisfaction is the main task of this structure. Hence, to perform at the highest level their duties, employees need room equipped with modern and comfortable working conditions and operational performance of the functions provided.
Everyone knows that any responsible mission to help people, conscientious employees – professionals of the business can not do without the support and assistance of concerned people, sponsors, friends and partners.
Thus, the post office number 3 lucky, because they are over 10 years are good neighbors Shepetivka sugar mill, working side by side and have a sugar with steel partnerships. Therefore, as soon as the opportunity arose, CEO of Trade House “Shepetivka sugar” gave full support to ensure the necessary materials and labor to upgrade the post office, reconstruction and equipping of workplaces, in which it was comfortable, modernized and now has everything to ensure perfect operation-mail.

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During the reconstruction of the premises was carried out a lot of work, alignment and construction of new plasterboard walls; replacement of windows and doors; installation of toilets, furniture, inventory; installed security system.
The maintenance workers were engaged in Trading House “Shepetivka sugar”: Hovrat Alexander Ivanovich and Anatoly Kashirin which respectively, were rewarding Havronyuk Oleg premium brands Ukrposhta “for significant contribution to development of postal services.”
Each phase of Nikolai personally oversaw and approved the results. So, at the ceremony – at the opening, CEO noted the premium brand – “for good cooperation and significant contribution to the development of postal services.”
Today, department started to normal operation, but pleased that echo the holiday feel in the atmosphere today. Postmen natishyatsya not provided them comfort and warmth. All particularly pleased that soft female staff who are not always able to protect themselves in case of trouble, it has set alarm button, when pressed – policemen immediately respond to a call.
According to the head post office №3 Zarubin Yulia Pavlovna:

We waited many years of reconstruction, but could not even imagine that we would work in such a modern, comfortable environment. I am very grateful Agarkova Nikolai Nikolaevich for their help and for all that he does for us and it is updated department, which certainly can be called the best in the city, to his credit!

The head tsukrokombinatu noted that he was happy to help and support good neighbors and partners, because it is a useful cooperation and contribution to the present and future to the mission-mail and customer satisfaction at the highest level.


So, welcome, dear Postal workers and sincerely wish that your work, which is indispensable to continue to keep united and helped link people separated by large distances.
Thank you still are a necessary link in communicating and maintaining business relationships!
I sincerely wish you good health, and thank the good people on the way, let every moment of smiling fortune
and there are only pleasant events and new discoveries!
We wish to continue to be “strong and reliable
by post Ukraine! “