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Organizational and Technical Measures From 2002 To 2008


1. Automation of a diffusion plant.
2. Installation and implementation of tank for second carbonation juice.
3. Putting B-centrifugal FPN-3201K into operation.
1. The modernization of boilers for defecosaturation.
2. Automated process of massecuite I boiling.
3. Automated and computerized receipt and registration of materials.
1. Putting the steam contact feedwater heater on diffusion into service.
2. Modernization of thermal and vacuum condensing schemes.
1. Putting filters MZHV (МЖВ) – 60 for control of juice filtration of II carbonation into operation.
2. Modernization of scheme sulfitization of remelt water and syrup.
3. Installed juice filtration and carbonation I scheme after vacuum filters.
4. Upgraded work of heating diffusion plants and heating of barometric water.

1. The beet washing complex SH1-PMDZ (Ш1-ПМДЗ) has been into operation.
2. Filter – presses KF -1000 for filtration of condensed suspensions of juice of carbonation I (3 pcs.) -installed and put into service
3. Improved scheme of vacuum condensing unit.
4. Installed mixer for limewater with juice before the main defecation.

1. A pulp pressing office with pulp presses of deep streak “BABBINI P18” – put into operation.
2. Installed filtering scheme thick remelt syrup (Bag filters 7 pcs.).
3. Reconstruction and modernization of thermal, condensate and vacuum condensate factory schemes was done.
4. Modernization of limeater defecation scheme in gas lime section.
5. The system of juice carbonation I was improved.
1.Water separator VDF-6 (ВДФ-6) – put into operation.
2. Filter – press KF-1000 number 4 for filtering suspensions of juice of I carbonation – put into operation.
3. The replacement of lining of lime kiln with chromite refractory with increased volume of the furnace.
4. Feed pump PE -100 in TPP – set.