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Organizational and Technical Measures 2009

  1. Replaced equipment:
    1. pumps SOT-150 afterdiffusion juice apparatus for pumps SKO-150/60;
    2. pumps SOT-150 juice after warm defecation pan for pumps SKO-250/60;
    3. Beet elevator driving chains, mechanical grates, straw traps;
    4. lower drive of diffusion apparatus;
    5.  Сonveyor belts for pulp conveyors (2 pcs.).
  2. Anti-corrosion coating for diffusion apparatus DS-12(ДС-12) was done;
  3. The scheme pulp press water returning to diffusion apparatus – designed, installed and put into operation.
  4. Frequency converter for filtered juice of carbonation І pumps – installed.
  5. Configuration and launch of centrifuge massecuite III product ASWW-1000.
  6. The system of automatic registration of finished products (counter for bags with sugar) – installed and put into operation. 
  7. Installation of compensating equipment was made to bring the mill’s electrical power factor to standart value in order to reduce the cost of active power, caused by reactive power flow;
  8. Mill buildings were refurbished, including replacement of windows, doors and repairment of roofs.