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Organizational and Technical Measures 2010


1. Mill buildings were refurbished, including replacement of windows, doors and repairment of roofs.
2. Drive chains on straw trap SBHM-700 (СБГМ-700), mechanical lattice, sieve conveyor beets rinsing and on beet elevator.
3. Beet slicer СЦ2Б-16  was replaced by beet slicer РБА-2-16;
4. The upper drive chain of diffusion apparatus ДС-12 – replaced.
5. Rotor of the gas pump ВК-150, drive chain on the elevator of lime stones were replaced, purchased and installed hydrocyclones for lime milk (2 pcs.).
6. Replacement of sumps for filtered juice of carbonation I, juice before carbonation II, juice before evaporating station with increased volume.
7. Replaced pumps for carbonation I juice СОТ-150 for juice pumps СОТ-150 /45 – 4, СОТ-200/45 – 2 pcs.
8. Afterfiltration stationwith filters  for juice of corbonation I was built up with filters МВЖ-60. The station was automized;
9. Pumps for green and white syrup for product I SOT-100 were replaced with pumps СВН-80/32 (4 pcs.).
10. Installation of spray and niche burners on steam boilers № 3, 4, 6. Replacement of  desuperheater for steam boiler № 3. Replacement of a steam boiler desuperheater № 5. Automatic operation was mounted on boiler № 5.
11. Air compressor ВП-20/9 purchased.
12. Circuit of washout returning after filter presses for slaked lime was mounted in limestone section.
13. Automation of massecuite boiling II and III products of product section was put into operation.
14. Purchase of automatic combination unit pH meter – conductometrs and spectrophotometer.
15. Certification of measurement laboratory.
16. System of quality was certified in accordance with state requirements and international standards ISO 9001.