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Sports development, youth support in their endeavors – saving power modernity


March 10, 2017 at club sambo “PERESVET” (gym facilities “Locomotive”), a presentation hall for boxing training.
In joyful, friendly atmosphere in the presence of President Khmelnytsky Regional Federation of combat sambo AI Marchuk, head of IC “PERESVET” Rudicha OV, children and young adults Shepetivka athletes and their parents have already received the repaired section CEO of Trade house “Shepetivka sugar” Agarkova Nicholas certificate for sports and wrestling have coverage.


“This is an important component of that perfected the idea of ​​boxing room and provided an opportunity to fully exercise under conditions that correspond to reality – the real size of the Ring” – the head of IC “PERESVET” Rudich Oleg, for which all members of the sports club is very grateful. For such a gift, they waited impatiently for a long time, because young people who trained on the old floor, has long needed a comfortable, designed for physical activity conditions. Soft and durable sports coverage not kovzatyme due to its permeability, its resilience will optimize the load on the spine and joints, in addition, mood and desire to exercise depends on the circumstances surrounding the man and the red color is a commitment to action, faster response and physical endurance.

Today more than ever promoting youth in all endeavors is very important, because the development of children and youth sports groups – a contribution not only healthy and happy present our children, but also contribute to the future of the nation! Such a position has always adhered Nicholas Agarkov expressing support and response to treatment of athletes. He had previously provided funds to repair halls for wrestling and helped in conducting competitions and tournaments.
Capture the younger generation and their desire to live a healthy lifestyle, generate strong personality necessary to encourage and guide in the right direction, especially with the parents agree, and expressed his opinion the commercial director of Trading House “Shepetivka sugar” Jaworski Evgeny. He is an athlete, winner of many competitions and also trains in the UK “PERESVET” long and wish for a room change, better conditions. Presenting a gift certificate for sports and have coverage from Shepetivka sugar mill, Eugene Jaworski said when there are associates, partners and benefactors, it’s good, it helps to go on to the set, longed-rate and believe that everything is worth it! He added, giving little guidance to athletes and winners adults not to forget about friends and colleagues in the sports, just to help each other and provide support arm, at the earliest opportunity.


Nicholas Agarkov being honorary president of the Federation combat sambo of Khmelnitsky region, repeatedly said that “sport brings decent future husbands, defenders of the state and the strong spirit of the people” as Trading House “Shepetivka sugar” constantly supports the championships, local and regional competitions for decent incurred, attracting an even greater number of participants and wishing to help young people in the implementation of their dreams.

Saving power in our world is the sports – on it still flies the flag of optimism here follow the rules and respect the opponent, regardless of which side victory.
John Galsworthy

Так само вважає, Олександр Марчук – президент Хмельницької обласної федерації бойового самбо, який також був присутній на заході у п’ятницю. Він висловив і вручив очільнику цукрокомбінату подяку за вагомий внесок у розвиток бойового самбо. Зазначивши при цьому, що надання фінансової підтримки молодим спортсменам, сприяння діяльності  клубів, федерацій та популяризація українського спорту зараз дуже необхідні, і в цьому їхні погляди з Миколою Миколайовичем збігаються, за що вони безмежно вдячні та цінують таку потужну підтримку.


Everyone agrees that the sport is not only hardening of the individual, it is education, friendship and communication, the growth in the team, support each other, common themes, problems and solutions, trainers and masters of sports, past and present winners always emphasized this truth so states and head of IC “PERESVET” Oleg Rudich, urging them to join the team.