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Ukraine football veterans team and FC “Temp” exhibition match held


In the first half of the 90-ies team “temp” with Shepetivka spent three seasons in the Premier League championship Ukraine. Then the original team under the guidance of coach Leonid Tkachenko challenged grandees, taking ninth place in the championship and went to the quarter-finals of the National Cup.In Shepetivka central stadium “Locomotive” reminiscent of the old days only stand with photos, games are a local amateur team collected a few audience. The long-awaited feast of local football fans gave Ukraine national team veteran who came to play an exhibition match against veteran “temp”. The meeting was held under the auspices of the Ukrainian army support in the area ATO.

On the green field out Nagornjak Sergey, Edward Tsykhmeystruk Ivan Yaremchuk, Victor Moroz, Artem Yashkin, Sergey Konovalov, Vsevolod Romanenko, Oleg Sobutsky Vitaly Samoilov, Andrew Oksymets Alexander Venhlynskyy and other famous players of yesteryear. Led the Stars outstanding coaches – Anatoly Demyanenko and Vladimir Lozinski. Also particularly warmly welcomed shepetivchany another famous Ukrainian coach Myron Markevich, who this time played a role player.

Shepetovsky team was represented by Anatoly Chernyak, Yuri Basyuk Vladimir Zubarev, Vadim Parsenyuk, Yury Panasiuk, Nicholas Maksymchuk, Roman Romanov, Roman Vihristyuk, Eugene Fisher, Roman Svirschuk John Katrevych Nicholas Ogorodnik, Valentine darling.

And now, before the eyes of the atmosphere when the “temp” cheered all Shepetivka, Khmelnytsky region whole. It is difficult to play and gain points. I can only wish that once a professional soccer returned to the city where so many fans.

Were the matches and heroes of our time – members of ATU and military. They were presented with a soccer ball autographed made general photography.

As the curator of the veteran team of Oleg Sobutsky:

This is their holiday, people who protect us and our country, which would not be getting our team throughout the encounter with the military, they pay attention and thank you for your service to the Motherland. Now the country this time are placed priorities.

Over half of the founding team, team star has spent about twenty social meetings, including two in the zone ATO – in Volnovakha and Popasnaya. There were matches in our Khmelnytsky – On August 2, the day VAT Khmelnitsky against military 8th Special Forces Regiment and the 24th of August in Volochisk on the anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.

Source: Shepetіvka site